Natural Himalayan Salt Heart Shape Tea Light Candle Holder

£35.99 £17.99

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🗸 100% genuine Himalayan salt
🗸 Set a soothing, romantic and elegant ambient
🗸 Beautiful warm decoration for every room
🗸 Cleanse the air surrounding you
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Key Features

• Unique salt tea light candle holder made from Natural Himalayan salt hand mined and carved in the Himalayan Mountains

• When lit, the candle holder will emit a calming Amber color

• Heating the salt releases negative ions into the air, purifying the air surrounding you and your loved ones

• Due to the natural variation in Himalayan salt each rock is unique and one of its kind

• Environmentally friendly and safe, the candle holder makes a romantic sentimental as well as practical gift for any occasion

Weight0.85 kg
Dimensions10.6 × 10.8 × 6.5 cm

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